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3D Text Tutorial


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1. Find a off-site download of Cinema 4D, I currently have R16

2. Download a 'lightroom' from Youtube or just google "c4d lightroom download"

3. You can use the one I provide here.

When you open it up with C4D, your screen should be like:



Now since we want some text, go the top menu bar and go to "MoGraph" and click "MoText":



To the right, you should see this area when you click on your text:



Here you can change the depth (thickness), font, size, spacing, and so forth. Change to whatever font you want and the depth to 40-60.


What I have (font is: Big John):



To see how it looks (and other quick controls):




Now, if we want to add some pizazz, we can add some materials, in the ones you see at the bottom, there is a grand amount of materials to choose from. If you have a few in mind, just drag it into the layer that says "MoText" or you can drag it onto your text:





Now we can do a quick render to see if we like it:



Could be better but for the sake of showing it, there it is! Now with this light room, do not feel like you have to keep the text in that spot.

For example, you want all your text 'jumbled and random', just repeat the above process, you can copy and paste the original motext (ONE LETTER) then paste it for a new letter and scale/rotate to your liking and repeat again.


Once satisfied, click the 'full render' button and it will render (give time depending on your system), then right click the title on the right hand side and a box will pop up:




MAKE SURE "Alpha Channel" is CHECKED, this will allow the image to be transparent (no background), keep it PNG and 8bits is fine. Keep DPI at 72. Click OK, name your file, and save it where you want.




Upload to anywhere, and congrats, u made some bomb ass 3d text.


**post help or ideas or explanations if you need any

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