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Scammed for 30m+ by Animos.


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*disclaimer lol: i know that i am twc and some people would think i deserve this, and you're probably right, everyone is entitled to their opinions. Peace. 

Disputed member: Animos.


Thread Link: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/90802-animos-aio-service-%E2%98%85-questing-powerleveling-nmz-fire-cape-void-account-creation-%E2%98%85/



This kind of a long story, I'll try to write absolutely everything i can remember. I posted in the request section looking for someone to train my account from 72 Att, 70 Str and Def to 80 80 80. He replied to the thread telling me to check out his NMZ services, I did that and thought that he looked trusted enough, his prices seemed reasonable, (17.6m as it's 5gp per XP). I asked him where i should meet him for payment, he told me to just leave the 17.6m on the account he will take it. I asked what gear i'll need and items, he just told me to get high prayer gear, I bought god robes with a cloak and a whip. (ill leave a picture of my gear below in the evidence part. Before i gave him my account details i asked him for a PM on here and he did so. He told me i will need some cash so he can buy prayer pots to do it, i said will 5m do, for now and if he needs any more to just skype me. I asked him if i would need to spend 20m+ on prayer pots because if i did i wasn't going to do it, He told me i wouldn't need to spend that much (will post screenshot below) 
He messaged me just over 2 hours ago, asking for more gp for prayer pots, saying that he will run out later tonight, at that point i started questioning him about how much it would cost me in pots, he tells me that "No one said it was cheap sorry". I then just ignored him and let him keep training my account, I started watching a movie with my girlfriend and decided about an hour and a half later to check and see if he is training it or not, as i see his offline on skype. I logged on to see my character standing naked next to NMZ, that's where i got scared as fuck and ran to the bank, sure enough everything of value in my bank was gone, I had about 11m in items in there, (not including the 17.6m i paid him to get me 80 80 80, and the 5m for prayer pots.)
All in all i lost 33m, I know i'm not going to get it back, I'm not too stressed about that, i will just buy more. But this person needs to be banned asap. If any mods needs any more proof of anything or screenshots feel free to ask me. 



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