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BETA v1.7.25

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Hello community, sorry for the recent lack in updates, I've been busy in IRL and I'm currently the only active member of the development team.


Tonight's release features:

  • Freaky Forester patch (unverified)
  • Prison Pete patch (verified)
  • Evil Bob patch (verified)
  • Strange Plant patch (unverified)

Please! I need as many accounts as possible that are stuck using BETA v1.7.25. I need a Surprise Exam account ASAP! The sooner the better! If you could leave it there until I respond and fix it, me and the community will appreciate it very much.


RuneScape is teleporting people outside of Surprise Exam even if they don't use the door. If you want to get stuck, disable the random!




Laz and the OSBot Team.

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