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With Great Kourend out... what scripts do you want to see?


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Having only played around 3-4 hours in the new great kourend, i'm far from an expert.


I was wondering if any of you guys had any ideas which could be added to the premium / free script market?

Moneymaking, combat training, skilling... anything really. Just feel free to drop your ideas down in this thread


No guarentees i'll make any of them by the way!



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Blood rune crafting script would get a lot of users/buyers


best AFK RC method in the game, gives a decent 40k exp/hr


unfortunately I don't have an account with the stats for this, but how is it afk? I always thought runecrafting involved running back and forth.


Unique scripts that aren't on the sdn already smile.png


That's the idea!

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