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Normally i'll just suicide a few accounts to make money for my main, but I've never just went straight from nothing to a permanent ban.  Out of every account I've ever had the ban's start at 2-day.  I change my IP every day (basically have too).  Is it just f2p accounts that go straight to perm?  


I was using a free mining script (don't give a shit about getting banned on a throwaway) and from experience that normally gets you banned pretty fucking fast just for those curious.

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I think if they have reasonable cause to believe that you've been playing legit for a decent amount of time then you won't get a straight ban.  A lot of times you'll read on the forums that someone's main would be 2-day banned, but you don't really read about how someone's bot mule has been 2 day banned.  I've had about 7 accounts so far, some f2p and some p2p get permanently banned straight within a week of using perfect fisher.  My most recent account, a defense pure account, used a monk script to not go afk on while kicking a monk, and then used perfect fisher to bot maybe 2-3 hours at for a total of 3 times.  It was perm banned in exactly 7 days.  

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