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Update 12/4/15: Poll price *All feedback welcome* [Troll or Serious]


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Old outdated topic: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/87619-poll-for-my-shit-script-kappa-look-for-the-prize-inside/]

Old Poll: http://strawpoll.me/6144979/r


Quick feature read:

  • Safespotting
  • Potions
  • Teleport Methods
  • Arrow loot support
  • Loots valuables
  • 6 Locations
  • Random paths
  • etc.


Polling this topic: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/85420-%E2%98%9E-alpha-trinity-aio-giants-alpha-%E2%98%9E-multiple-locations-safe-spotting-potion-support-multiple-giants/


* Before voting please have a look through the thread! 


New Poll (Price): 




Any other suggestions can be left below! This is why I made it in the spam section of course happy.png.



All Locations are doing well! Tested 12/4/15 *Plan to release this weekend (but things can come up)*


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$4.99 Flat Price.


Doubt anyone would be happy with the monthly additional payment, giants aren't a type of script botters can make money off which would be a reason to also give monthly payments because you're actually profiting off a script.


Thanks for the feedback smile.png !


I wasnt too sure. You don't make much but the seeds + herbs do add up :P

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