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What is/How to use the OSBot Mirror Mode


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When you open up the OSBot client and see the mirror mode option and don't know what it is, and then you click it and it gives you a message saying mirror mode is only available for OSBot VIP+ users. You start to wonder what it is. This thread is aimed to educate you about what mirror mode is and how to use it.


Please keep in mind that this guide is for people that don't have VIP+ and are wondering what it is. I know there is a guide for VIP+'s already.




What is the mirror client?

The mirror client is a feature within OSBot's main client. Which instead of injecting the bot into the Runescape 2 client. Mirrors what you are doing on on the bot, to the official Runescape client/OSBuddy.


Selecting the Stealth Injection option in the OSBot client:




How the Stealth Injection option in the OSBot client looks like:




How do I gain access to mirror mode?

The only way to gain access to the famous mirror mode is to have a rank which is VIP+ e.g VIP, Sponsor, Lifetime Sponsor, etc.


Now that I have VIP+ how do I use mirror mode?

To use mirror mode on your OSBot client. Simply head to http://osbot.org/forum/forum/318-releases/ and simply download the file. It should be a .rar or a .zip file. Extract that into the OSBot directory.



When that has been done simply open up Runescape on either your browser, OSBuddy, or the official Runescape client. Once that has been done, open your OSBot client and select mirror mode. Then simply select add bot in the top left and choose your account. Then pick your script and you're ready to go! (Make sure you're in fixed mode or else you will get a blue screen that says "Please set your window mode to fixed first!)


Window mode fixed screen screen:




Selecting the mirror mode option in the OSBot client:




How the mirror mode option in the OSBot client looks like:




Thank you guys for reading my long and boring guide. I just made this to help the people that aren't VIP+ and would like to know about our amazing mirror client.



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