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Road to 200k Raw Sharks


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Going to set this large goal!


Wish me luck!

I plan on adding more accounts one day to make this happen faster!


Accounts: -1

Progress: 15k/200k

Day 1: 17k/200k

Day 2: 19k/200k

Day 3: 21k/200k

7/31: 42k/200k


About 2 more accounts are going to be added very shortly to make this goal come along faster



Currently using a 'diff' fishing script, but if anyone has one to recommend shoot me a suggestion 



EDIT: I don't plan on updating it everyday anymore, just going to add a date when achieved

edit 2: All accounts got banned rip 

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that 8% ban rate drop though, know when he gets back? i might consider botting an account?

I heard he comes back on Monday. They confirmed it on a stream.


I actually have 8 accounts getting ready to fish sharks very shortly. Just a small yolo goal while weath is gone tongue.png

Sweet. :P I have the exact same amount of bots (Sharkfishers aswell lol). They have been running for about a month now without any bans. You should have 200k sharks in a week or so(maybe two)

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