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For those of you who do not know AFK Construction is on the sdn!


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I have had a lot of people ask me when will afk construction be on the sdn. Now i do not know if i did something wrong but it is in fact on the sdn and with stable builds to offer reliability. AFK Construction will be released as premium once all builds and modes are stable so use it whilst it is free.


The only mode that is not stable is demon butler mode, that is in beta but worked 3 hours solid for me. If you could please try this out and share your experience that would be awesome smile.png Also if you would like to try my tab maker i will auth you for a week as long as you give me error reports and progress photos smile.png.


Also i am studying hardcore atm so i am a little slower then usual on fixing errors etc. I will be a lot more active in a weeks time.

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