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I really do cri everytime


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Always used an autoclicker in the past. Had no problems, but I obviously had to be around to log it out for breaks. So I bought Czar's magic script and alched in the same place/world I used the autoclicker a few weeks ago. 40 mins later..




Puke.gif Puke.gif Puke.gif Puke.gif Puke.gif Puke.gif




75 Att

99 Str

45 Def

90 HP

90 Range

85 Magic

Dragon Gloves





Not too bothered about the stats; they can be replicated. But the quests... those fucking quests!

Anybody have a gun? I don't live too far from Jagex.

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they recently targeted autoclickers or?


you use to be able to auto click n get away with it but now its way higher chance once you get reported by someone youll be banned


use to be 2 day bans aswell but doesnt seem to be like that or atleast atm right now :(


might change but atm its safer to just bot it honestly or find somewhere in the middle of nowwhere to alch ;p

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