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Piper's Fletching Trainer [1-55 Fletching in 3 Hours] [Bow-Cutter] [Free DL]


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The script that levels-up with you!


I programmed this script to get my fletching accounts from 1-55 in no time. I would like to share it with you.


Here's how it works: 



LEVELS                         WHAT IT CUTS                               NUMBER


1 - 10                             Arrow Shaft                                        231


10 - 20                           Longbow (u)                                       332


20 - 25                           Oak Shortbow (u)                               205


25 - 35                           Oak Longbow (u)                                583


35 - 40                           Willow Shortbow (u)                            450


40 - 50                           Willow Longbow (u)                            1545


50 - 55                           Maple Shortbow (u)                            1307





1.   Buy the required supplies and put them in a separate tab in your bank

  • Knife

  • 563 regular logs

  • 788 oaks

  • 1995 willows

  • 1307 maples 

2.   Start the script at a bank booth with the bank open (GE not supported yet)


3.   Select the "Train" radio button


4.   Hit "Get Fletching!"


5.   Enjoy 55+ fletching!



No need to restart the script to change settings. 

The script automatically adapts to cut for the most efficient exp!

Picks up where you (or it) left off! You can start the script at any fletching level.

Also able to cut maple, yew, and magic longbows! (Select "Cut specific log" in start-up)



Proggie:   Took a 20 minute break!




Proggie from itzzDomas: 5k maple longbow (u)





This is a free version of a script that I've been working on. I am planning to get the PRO version onto the SDN, so look forward to it!


The PRO version will include: 


  • Bow stringing (after all logs have been cut)
  • GE and bank chest support
  • Additional anti-ban

Check out my mining guild script also!       http://osbot.org/forum/topic/75571-pipers-mining-guild/




Download Link :



Copy this .jar file into your Scripts folder usually at :





Thanks for checking out my script!


Edited by Piper
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