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75 Defence 65 Strength 1 Attack Mauler - FOR SALE


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how is this account in the wild currently ?


I havn't pked on this account aha x] I'm not a pker i just like having account builds. But with torso + bands as + serpentine helm at level 56 combat it is quiet nice. serpentine helm does a lot of damage and more the longer the fight is :P

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I will pay bitcoin, or OSRS gp for this. $80 Bitcoin or 30m OSRS-- saw you payed 30m for it. OSGP converts $80 in btc to 40M.


---- Also I cant message you, getting some sort of cloudfare nonsense, I dont have skype on this computer so just respond to me here and I will get a way for us to get incontact, thank you.

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