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Slurge's Road to 99 Hunter~~Powered by Divinity~~


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Hey guys,
Back in good old days, my first 99 was hunter (botted of course) hunting chins and puro-puro earning way over 200m.
Now I plan to do it all over again on my 10 year old main, and since its my one and only account, I've been using the only hunting script I can trust: @Divinitys Extreme AIO Hunter. I'll be honest, it's sometimes glitchy and I can't leave it for 10 hours and do my own thing, but this man is on top of his game. It all started when I asked for a 24 hour trial, then I lent him my account to fix a few problems resulting him giving me another week free. From there, I PM'ed him alot about any glitches or problems I found, not only did he respond back to me ASAP, but he usually patched it within a few minutes. 
Except from a few quests, I have now gotten to level 61 purely by botting in a couple of days.
Progress from these couple of days: 


So now my goal is to hunt bot red chins till 99 and rake in the cash moneyz.
2rrx9wn.jpgJust hit 63 biggrin.png 0fe661d427f8381051dd7bbb566fc5e1.png gained 4 levels overnight 630b6cff7ae3c836d4a8aaef239a4d86.png hit 71 from 64 in one day

Current Level:

Q: What did you hunt and what are your exp rates?
9-19 Crimson Swifts [~10k/h]
19-29 Tropical Wagtails [~13-15k/h]
29-43 Swamp Lizard [~20-25k/h]
43-53 Spotted kebbit( Falconary) [~22-30k/h]
53-63 Grey Chinchompa [~30-35k/h]

63-70 Red Chins (4 traps ) [40k/h]
NOTE: I didn't take any proggies in the earlier screenshots because I'm a fucking noob and didn't know the screenshot function in the client does not capture the GUI. Also I lag out ALOT! so my exp rates are really low.
Q:How much have you earned so far?
A: 4M+ but still haven't hit level 80 yet, so im expecting way more once I can set 5 traps

Q:What's your longest runtime?
A: It will have to be grey chins @ 6 hours. I left it overnight at red chins for around 8 hours, gained 3 levels and was working perfectly! Compared to everything else, chinning is just so flawless. 
The birds, lizards, and falcon didn't need much time before I leveled up and have to move somewhere else, also there was a few hiccups and glitches so I was babysitting on and off, but I just have to emphasis: you will see the difference when hunting for chins! 
Q: Why are you kissing Divinity's ass?
A: Well honestly, I do recommend and trust his scripts, on top of that he is a really good guy. He is a talented dev and always fixes any problems with his scripts ASAP. Also the off chance he will give me all his scripts for free tongue.png (he is already providing me trials to most of his scripts HEHE)
So let me know if you guys have any questions or opinions, and I'll try to keep updated every other day or so!

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