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Kushads --------------------Road To 500M---------U/D-30-05-15

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GOAL : 500M


Current : 3M 






30/5/15 - So im still on 5 accounts been so lazy making new ones its becoming hard to juggle them.




Ban: 0

I will be making one account everyday to a max of 20 atm.



Account 1 : Pure just holds the cash/quests etc

Account 2:  mkufk0.png

Account 3: Just started is 9 hunter bought bond yesterday 

Account 4 : 11sl05f.png just started splashing

Account 5 : forgot to make too much juggling accounts sad.png




Account 1: Pure no bots (questing) P2P

Account 2: mkufk0.png a1pbo6.png P2P

Account 3: 2e0kbro.png P2P

Account 4: 5xmar.png P2P

Account 5: Splashing tongue.png F2P











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So far so good smooth sailing, making another account number 5 today. I bought a bond yesterday for my other account and that hurt the bank haha but itll be worth it hopefully in the long run. Bank still around 3 mill. Open to any donations to faster this process. I am looking into vps's as my comp can only run 1 mirror atm 2's super laggy with another 3-4 accounts also.  On that note does anyone know a good vps set up tutorial?









Good luck Kush! Lycka till ^^

thanksssss laugh.png

gl use mirror

most definately even though the exp is slow sad.png  better to be safe then sorry 


Good luck! Keep us updated wink.png

No worries will be nearly daily 



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So i forgot to make my account yesterday lol. Will be making account number 5 today. having 4 out of the 5 acccounts p2p and making my cash pile to 5M now i guess you could say things are getting pretty serious 






Gl with this buddy, make sure you keep us updated smile.png

Will do laugh.png


Good luck smile.png


Thank you laugh.png

Goodluck, why splashing ?

Thanks, I splash because i feel like if i bonded a new account asap id get the ban, i sort of use it as a time validation for jagex dont know if it works though?

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