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My girl spilled wine on my laptop last night...


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And as soon as it hit she said it shut off.

I got home and tried to turn it on, it clicked the the processor was trying to turn on and itd just shut off.

I was pretty disappointed.  She said it was about 15 minutes before I arrived.

So I said what the hell lets try to save it then!

I opened the screen in an L shape, and put it in front of a space heater for about 15 minutes to dry it out.

Once it got warm I took it apart, grabbed some mineral essence and a clean rag and wiped everything down, put all the parts on a tray and turned the heat up in the room to 80 for the night.

In the morning I cleaned everything one more time, and ran the heater up close to all the parts.

After everything was dry I reassembled everything, and let it charge for about 30 minutes.

Boom, its working smile.png

So it is possible to save before it gets shorted, even if it looks like its not going to make it!

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