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  1. Yeah you shouldn't have done that ahahahhahaha. Scammer smh

    1. Ely


      peep son

    2. Jordan


      Mom im being nice i swear

  2. I'll sell my cyrex fnew for 22m
  3. Added you on skype to discuss prices for Cabin fever + rum deal + Zorge flesh eaters
  4. I mean, some obby mauler will. But 60 str honestly takes like 20 hours of botting (I'm actually doing it now, not to sell the accont though) I don't see how that's worth 5m
  5. Yeah, I'll take a screenie next time I start to bot on it again
  6. Yes, I set it to lobsters and have full inv of them
  7. Tried restarting, tried quite a lot, it finds the runes ok however the tab it just doesn't seem to recognise. If i start the script in rock crabs with the tele in the inv, it just says out of food.
  8. 13m GP, I'll go first (obviously)
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