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welcome to OSB. enjoy your stay maybe soon you will have a go at scripting, we have a range of really good tutorials to help you along. For now enjoy the new features the mirror client brings smile.png


Thanks everyone! I wanted to point out Pug as he is the one who really guided me through everything :P


Thanks buddy.

I only planned to use Premium scripts as I will be botting on an account with a really good rare name, but I was going to bot smartly, only bot couple hours, then go do a quest, take a couple hour break then go back to botting again.


Pug was telling me just to bot the skill, don't bot then do the skill by hand a little; because it doesn't match mouse movements when botting then by hand, so I figured I would bot, then quest, then do another skill, then go back to the bot.


My goal was to build this account by hand, buttt, Agility, Fishing, and Woodcutting; I absolutely hate, so I'll be buying 3 premiums, rest by hand. :P

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