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Most of my friends that have bought botted level 30s have gotten banned a few months after purchase due to the fact that the accounts were: 1) Botted. 2) Obtained illegally

Do you have an insurance for if this happens, or is the person responsible for it once it is banned?

Yes we do and No they are not depending on what they get banned for, either way we have refund policies and warranties in place to protect them.

We have two types of insurances;

1)  for 30 days where as we send a replacement , no questions asked.

2)  Lifetime, where as we ask questions/ do an investigation if proven it isnt your fault you receive a brand new replacement. ( investigation takes 3-5 days days)


Every purchase automatically covered by those two policies.


We have a 99.98% Success rate so far, non of our accounts have been banned.

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