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  1. Im working on it in frankly kinda tired of worried i'll lose track of time because im so swamped with school; i check the accounts once per day to make sure they are still running. it will get done asap.
  2. I changed my method the account wont get banned. Just let me know what you want to do.
  3. i want him to tell me what u wants me to do- refund or continue doing it even tho i had to spend a couple day fixing.
  4. if there is an issue; with me not being done by tomorrow let me know i will refund the order and just be done with it.
  5. there was a patch --.-- i had to spend 2 days fixing may i remind you i have classes and exams EVERY DAY! from 7 am to 6pm..
  6. K so.. i started. Can we have this TWC removed please? thanks!
  7. I got the credentials but im waiting for the password to be changed and the server so i can begin.
  8. This is dependent on the server. you cant assign the same date; for all servers.. Queue times, ban rates, how heavy riot watches X server etc.. How are you gonna set the dates if you're not the one providing the service lol.
  9. can you get on skype please and request this dispute closed because this TWC is really not necessary lol.
  10. This week will be a hectic week; if i dont respond within 24hrs please dont ban me just give me time.. i check this thread pretty often enough but some days i wont be able to get on.
  11. What server account? if you want an account you'll have to wait until its completed.
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