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School Project for AP Computer Science

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If you make a legit calculator, it won't be bad. Make a jframe using window builder, then have 10 buttons, 0-9, then have a button that divides, multiplies, adds, and subtracts. Maybe you can do something with getting the remainder, supporting decimals, squaring, cubing, solving the quadratic formula, stuff like that.

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Make a program with all the best excuses for lost homework, that spews out a response of how needed it is to be said.  Rate your excuses as "Eh", "Need this assignment in", and "This or I fail".  Input into an array each of the strings of the responses and have it pick through the random number generator to choose which one you should use that time based upon it's ranking that you have made.  Or if you aren't really that great with java, just make a 8 function calculator.  (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Find the Remainder, Find the third side of a right triangle(pythagorean theorem),  SquareRoot of a number, and lastly, an exponential equation(x^y , ask for x as base, ask for y as exponent).  Good luck on whatever you choose and good luck on actually writing it !! :)

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