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Selling my rdp (vps) for a few mill

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Hey guys,


I am selling this remote computer it's acess for 1.5m


you can do whatever you want on it,


osbot, or even malicious things its just a pc you can do your shit on lol



so yeah if you interested pm me



the computer is private so only you will have acces



didn't really know where to post



i will go first ofc since no reputation and stuff




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Not going to happen. You need at least 100 posts(not spam) to list on market section.


Correct section: http://osbot.org/forum/forum/27-market/


Edit: Btw you registered yesterday and you're already heading to sell items? Sounds very suspicious to me. I wouldn't buy VPS from a stranger since there are companies selling for reasonable price. There's no reason for someone to actually buy a vps from you. You could have put a keylogger, or anything malicious.

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