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Welcome to my Goal-Thread to 1k USD

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My goal is to get my online wallet balance (Skrill/PP/BTC) to 1k $ till the end of may.

I am going to update this thread whenever I cash out to my online wallets smile.png

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What am I going to do for it?

- botting

- account sales

- staking (risky, I know)

- runescape poker (risky, I know)


What am I going to do with the money?

Will be saved for summer holidays (location unknown yet)


My progress so far:


Online Wallet

127$ 1000$


In game

Somewhere around 25m


Update Log:

24.4 - sold 30m (made with poker)

25.4 - sold 25m (made with poker)

26.4 - sold @Varc a low lvl acc for 5$










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