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Im out

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Im leaving osbot and runescape for a little while. 

- This idiot ruined my zerker

- I dont like the staff, especially one that has sent me rude messages in the past.

- Im banned from the chatbox utill the 1st for pretty much no reasons.

- No one lets me post anything, most likely this post will be removed, further proving my point.

- I dont have time for some of these kids.

- Im biking a lot more, gotta learn those bars.


For all the people that i actually like, i'll be back.


PS. ill look at these post and comment back for tonight / tomorrow.

( last thing i do is i wanna sell my main, ill start fresh when i come back to rs )


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See you soon man. About the messages you should pm an Admin or smth to help you out

already did and i was told that the ban was 3 weeks and i would have to wait.


and why would u write all these whinning words, just leave lol nobody cares the reasons, i dont know u but thats my point of view, u just left, u dont need to make noise. 

lol who are you?


Well... GL smile.png  and PS: Don't let others ruin your game for you tongue.png I am sure it could all be worked out.

they did.


See u tomorrow



I'm pretty sure the reason I banned you from the chatbox was that you were taking advantage of the fact that there was no staff present and you thought you could spam all over the place. Anyway, I still wish you goodluck with all your future endeavours.

lol? didnt know that was a 3 week ban.

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