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rsbuddy admin gave us all in and banned us ?

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yes or no , idk. and really idc about my ingles just pointing out random theory.


so i recently cameback to game and i thought.


okay ,well... few years ago we were using rsbuddy client to bot and the thing was kinda huge they were competing with p****bot 1:1 if i recall well.


as far as my knowledge goes this developer of the bot was hired by jagex , correct ? correct i guess (if not i still gonna keep typing to create random bullshit).


majority of the players at the time were using this client (this was before rs3 or whatever its called now)


he got hired and all of the sudden jagex started banning the users who were using the client.


everything happened slowly they took their time and thought well their plan.


so what then ? 


did he gave out most of the user data collected from the website, client and stuff he created to get along with the jagex ? :o 


did he betrayed all of his users from whom he was profiting ? :o





p.s. someone grab a bullshit meter to measure the crap I just made :o

p.s. yes my acc got banned after 2 ~ years of inactivity < add some salt here

p.s. but i really dont care , lol.

p.s. i just wanna keep typing in this message im making right now.

p.s. idk 


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All account if o stored on RSBuddy should've been stored locally to the computer and not been backed up to the site servers. There's no way he would've had it unless it backed it up to their servers or an outside server, which I doubt he did. He just helped them figure out why it was so hard to ban bots and what they need to look for. They did and now they're banning all the boys since mostly all the boys use one of a few methods (3?).

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