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Scotty mod application

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This is a top secret moderator application for @Scotty.


Hello my name is Scotty, and I am 20 years old. I am applying for moderator because as a person I genuinely like to help others, and as a regular user I cannot do this.


Osbot has gone strength to strength under Maldesto's stewardship, he is a great man. But, it is time for something different, I propose that I lead osbot into a new era.

An era full of paint art and flame.


What would I do as moderator?


I would guarantee these 5 things:


  1. Allow pornography
  2. Give everyone kick power in the chatbox
  3. Free 'how to paint' guides
  4. Allow flame
  5. Allow hate


I hope that you consider my application, I am mature and English is my first language.


Thank you,



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