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Scammed $3 by Basic

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I was never going to say anything because it's so petty but people should know now as it could provide insight into his state of mind, considering this was months prior (also offsite)

http://puu.sh/gHb6q/1aebcbbf23.jpg <- the payment

http://puu.sh/gHb8S/b9b6ad9c76.png <- acknowledging he hasn't delivered 


notice he didn't he even offer a refund or anything, with the month gap between dates, yet has the nerve to try & get more money out of me? I don't respect that at all, and tbh he's always seemed pretty nervous (sketch) imo. 

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What the hell?? I'm on a plane ride to Las Vegas and I get fucked by 4 different people??

1. YOU told me not to worry about it, and I apologized for not doing it. You said it doesn't matter anymore, therefore I never finished it.

This is all complete bullshit.

Do you not realize that regardless of whether or not I can use it that you were paid for it? You never offered to refund and I dismissed it and let it go since it was only $3, but now you are scamming other people much more, and I posted this not for the refund(which i'll still take) but to not let someone of a position that you were formerly in(Trial Mod) try and cajole everyone into thinking you are considerate or going to take responsibility for everything that is going on, because let's face it your scam quit is inevitable. Man up like your partner and admit it already

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