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Apologies to all of you for not making this thread on Friday as promised but I had an exam today so I was grinding revision for that... Without further ado:


Script releases



-/ DsPyramidPlunder FREE


-/ WoodCutterPro FREE

-/ Khal Tutorial Island PREMIUM $3.99

-/ Auto FiremakerPro PREMIUM $4.99

-/ ProjectPact AIO Lazy Assistant PREMIUM $5.99

-/ Molly's Air Orber PREMIUM $5.99

-/ ProjectPact BoltSheet Collector PREMIUM $9.99/9.99

-/ Khal Pest Control PREMIUM $8.99

-/ Czar AIO Herblore PREMIUM $8.99

-/ Khal AIO Herblore PREMIUM $8.99



-/ @Wiz Khalifa



None (Good stuff biggrin.png)


Also quick apologies to the MasterRace Omega buyers, the script was incorrectly changed to $14.99/9.99 for a brief period throughout Sunday/Monday. The issue has been corrected and it is available for purchase again for $9.99/9.99.


Congratulations to everyone and keep the script requests coming ^_^

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