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I found Pikachu ban evading.


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No offence Roomscape but following your logic that means Cinnamon and basically any user who has ever had a pikachu avatar are all the same users which is definitely not the case.

But he even said it was him before I made this thread and after. O.o Edited by RoomScape
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I think everyone should take this thread seriously.

They obviously didn't know @Pikachu was a pokemon, was named after a pokemon and even had a picture of a pokemon.

And this new user has joined AFTER @Pikachu got banned and has a very similar avatar to @Pikachu thus confirming my suspicion that he is in fact, without a doubt, @Pikachu

pikachu name

pikachu avatar

pikachu avatar

new name

new registration date


I'm ban evading cause I'm new to OSB? To find posts like this makes me want to join a different community, something more mature.

I wouldn't have purchased multiple scripts if I was Ban Evading.

Just a hunch.

And just because you have scripts doesn't mean you aren't ban evading. I've seen a lot of idiots.

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Ok in that case


1. Why did you post this "ban evader report" in spam?

2. Why didn't you provide this as evidence?

Because I am roomscape

And this is spam

And I am king of spam.

Btw, you have a good point about @Cinnamon. I think is @Cinnamon's alt account and he's now ban evading, but since he's a donor no one will check him.

I think that should be addressed in a timely manner.

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I could go donate $100, and sit in front of my cpu staring at OSB threads for 73 days too, just to show I'm not a Ban Evader, would that make you happy?

Why would you giving money to a site I have almost no affiliation with money while sitting at your computer spending your life away looking at threads have such a big affect on me to the point where it would make me happy?
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