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Road To Maxed Zerker!


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I am setting myself a goal to make a AGS pure. 75 attack, 80 str, 90 range, 94 magic, 42 defence, and 44 prayer. The account will be %100 quested and perfect. I will also be getting an easy 99 such as cooking just to have a nice cape. On this account I will be doing jad MYSELF ( first time lol ) I will post daily updates to show how the account is progressing.


Goals ( will change, and updated to new ones once i get these ones ) 

[ Complete ] [ In progress ] [ Not started ]
- Void (Including mage helm)
- Fighter Torso
- Rune Gloves

- Fire Cape
- Veng
- 80 Strength
- 90 Range
- 60 Attack ~ Will become 75 once my strength is higher
- 94 Magic
- Enough Cash For AGS

- 100 Zulrah Kills ~ Completed regicide

Thursday March 12th, 2015

Thursday March 13th, 2015
i started with an account that i was planning to be a obby mauler / chinner but this is better smile.png

Friday March 13th, 2015


Saterday March 14th, 2015


Sunday March 15th, 2015


Sunday March 15th, 2015



Thursday March 26th, 2015



Friday March 27th, 2015 ~ Massive progress!



Monday March 30th, 2015

48ffaaf24f28c59c1f0d52b718203aa8.png2c2a643b88d3a4f19e70e17942c552ad.png890fd0a0ff1460d56d0e8f4192a58d92.pnga920660883cefbcc0e7cf6536344b27d.pngADAMANT GLOVES!


Friday April 3rd, 2015



Tuesday April 7th, 2015


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Botted or by hand?

thats the same question ive been thinking. i think i will do the starting levels so if i get banned i dont care to much. like 1-75 range, 75 str and such. but after that i will be doing EVERYTHING by hand. like i will chin and pay for my skills but will be legit :)

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