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How to add a script.


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Get a lot of new members coming in the Chat Box confused about how to add scripts so here is a quick, simple guide.


- Firstly open the client (Ensure you have downloaded the client from our website and our website only).


- Secondly ensure you are signed into the client, the sign in details used for the client match your forum log in and password.


- Thirdly click the play button located at the top of the client -  8352b12f71d23888fbfe4578cb5c9af5.png


- Next this should appear 




When this screen appears the main tab is where the scripts you have added will be (this is where you will start your scripts)


- To add scripts move over to the 'Browse' tab. A list of scripts should appear like this




- You can change the settings to narrow down what script you are looking for. For example combat + slaying, crafting, mining and so on. Along with this you can toggle if you are looking for 'free' or 'premium scripts'.


- Finally when you find a script you like simply click 'add' and the script will be added back to your 'main' list where you simply click 'start' and are good to go!




- If you want extra information regarding any of the scripts simply click the 'info' button and you will be directed to the scriptwriter's thread on the forum where you can find out features of the script or just what other people think of it!


- If you click 'buy' on any premium scripts you will first be directed to our store where you will have to purchase the script. When going back to the 'browse' section the option to 'add' will be available and then just like free scripts the script will be added to your 'main'.


I hope this was of use to anybody struggling, feel free to shoot me a pm for any further help or come into the Chat Box.




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