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OSRS G.E Merch Guide


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Hi, This will be a short guide over how to merch the new g.e in OSRS, this guide will show you how to "flip" items in the new g.e

this is not a method to force prices up however work against the merch clans that are forming , and allow you to get into the niche's that are forming in runescape's economy.


To merch the g.e you must find the "flow" of the item you wish to merch which will require you to buy and sell the item you wish to merchant, and to do this right you "must" buy and sell the item at a loss.


"Flow" means the top sell of the item and the lowest buy offer on the item.

"Stale" to become out of the flow or change in value of the item.

For example a mage's book is currently at a "flow" of  7,626,003 bottom price and a 7,700,000 top price of the item.


The goal is to buy the item 10% above the value of the bottom price which will allow you gain the item over the other merchants/players buying the item at the lowest , considering it bases off time of offer who it goes for you want to make sure you get it quickly so the item does not become "stale" and either lose money because it rose in value or decreased under the bottom price.


To sell the item you want to ensure you sell item 10% under the top sell value of the item to ensure quick flipping as well as and 80% profit of the total "flow" of the item, but if you wish to push the margins you may.


Buy whichever item you wish to merchant 3 clicks over and then 3 clicks under the mid of the item to figure out the merch values of the item, the best items to choose are items that make 80-100k per selected merch anything else is almost a waste of time. 


My instagram is @thejohnathonbell and my twitter is @atlascursed I'm almost 20k followers in total and would love your support! If this helped in anyway shoot a like to me on this thread:)



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that 84k flip loss tongue.png


I do other "items" atm ;) so i figured id put the mid bank merch guide out ;)

If you have skype, add me - live:rsdk.sythe


Never really tried flipping, would love some tips.


I don't add new members with skype, even though myself is a new member I am not new to the industry ;)

Ask publicly and like my thread if you enjoyed.

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How do you find your prices? Just guessing based off of the items market value lol?



find the margin by buying the item cliking 3 times in the high price then u can see for how much people are SELLING it, now sell the item by 3 clicks at the low price buttom in ge and finally u will see for how much people are BUYING it. Now all u need to do is buy it in high amounts in the case of sources, runes arrows etc.


i hope u understand, english is not my first language  

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