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KK so this happened.


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I was walking down the street the other day, minding my own weird business,

when I suddenly noticed this well-dressed person walking on the other side of the sreet: 

fancy blazer, leather shoes, nice shirt, sunglasses, thick, full hair; you know: the whole package.

It was almost intimidating, so much that it really took a while for my brain to process

that this person must have been something like 12 years old.

Walking about ten feet infront of this little guy, was his mother, and I know she was who I say she is, because the

kid was yelling some mean disturbing shit at her like it was nothing.


KID:"Ay woman... woman... *whistle* ... I want some fucking Red Bull"


She stops.

At this point, I'm fucking psyched because... I'm about to expect some kind of reality tv super rage breakdown scene.

I also stop walking.


KID: "Ay what you looking at my mom for?".


Boom I part of the scene know.


ME: "I'm gonna fuck your mommy, also... you're drinking bull jizz".


Kid got really mad, tries to cross over the street, gets run over by a huge truck.

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