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Is botting 2 hours a day risky?

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I have my main account and I just recently completed Desert Treasure but I absolutely hate alching items for x number of hours to train... I have a life and I don't want to sit on my computer and just spam the alch. Is botting high alch in an empty world for like 2 hours with 30 minutes breaks per hour relatively safe? This is 2007 Old School and I think Jagex has changed their approach to botting on OSRS just recently... All feedback is appreciated!

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Hey man I understand your problems. I had to same problem so what I did was. I botted 3 hours straight in the GE in a populated world. Then the next day I did 4 hours. Just dont risk it


I have 2 accounts running at 20 hours a day atm ;) no ban in dayssss $$$$$$ wiping the cum off my money with some tissue atm.

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