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Guide to starting a good account


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Hello this guide will show you what Bots,Quests and levels you need to be a successful new player in RuneScape 07.


Step 1:

So first off you will need to start off with a simple chicken killer.

Link to Script:http://osbot.org/forum/topic/4452-alphaochickenkilleralpha/


Personally I like this 10x Better then Peters and it runs nicely. I ran it all night and got 28 Strength Levels, with about 8.5k feathers.


Step 2:

Now you should go do Vampire Slayer and you get 4825 Attack Xp and that should take you to Level 20-21 from level 1.


Link to guide:http://www.runehq.com/oldschoolquest/vampire-slayer


Step 3:

Now I suggest if you have money you invest in a glory, and run or teleport to Edge.


After that run to the monk temple which is east of edge.


Now we are going to use a Monk Killer.


Link to Script:http://osbot.org/forum/topic/4790-ultra-monk-fighter-fights-monks-in-the-edgeville-monstery/


I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU USE THIS BOT. Its one of the best for OsBot. I ran this all night and had no problems averaged about 125k Xp in 8 Hours. Fabulous Xp it runs to the monk to heal you when your half Hp. Highly recommended


Step 4:

I suggest you do Waterfall quest, it gives: 13750 Attack and Strength Xp.


Link to guide:http://www.runehq.com/oldschoolquest/waterfall-quest



After you do all these steps you should have a good amount of Combat Levels. Here is a guide on some of the useful quests so you can choose a combat/pure path.


Quests that give Defence Xp for Berserker/Rune Pure:

500 A souls bane 
600 In search of the Myreque 
1,325- 3075  Heroes quest
2,000 In Aid of the Myreque 
2-3k Nature spirit 
2,800 The Fremennik Trials 
15,300 Holy Grail 
18,650 Dragon slayer 
20,000 Monkey Madness
Thats all for now will be updated tonight - Please give feedback - Dont forget this is a guide to START a good pure.


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Guest Falixus

Nice guide. Currently my account is, well, shit. I'm going to try these quests for some XP, thanks. 

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