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getting banned..

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Hey, yesterday maked new account, without bot help done tut isl,  trained 20/20/20 at chickens (with bot +breaks ) today done druid ritual quest by hand , then cleaned like 400 unids (with bot ) speed was normal, and went to v west 1w to sell goods, with automercher, used rs chat, after 1h got macr minor, why im getting banned?  Bought new fresh proxy..

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Fresh accounts are highly flagged automatically. Botting on high level/quest accounts lower ban rates but increase your risk. I've been using auto merchers and have not gotten banned although I agree they are at high risk for bans.

Basically right now,

make a fresh account bot any script for more than 10 hours totality and ban for sure.

and old accounts w/ mid-high level and QP,agreed have lower ban rate by like almost 1/10 but

bot 9 days on the 10th day u will get detected.

the 10th can vary but not inevitable as of now

IDK why,but i personally feel OSbot is highly detectable after the last rs 07 update,

just my 2 cents

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