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Hey, I've been registered here for quite a while but not really shown myself. Now that I'm going to actively participate in the forum (finally) I thought that I should introduce myself to you guys!


Dashboard told me to make an introduction thread as I wanted to become a little more noticed for my work so here it goes...


I'm mainly a graphics designer but I can also program in a few languages, the main one being Java. I've came in to the industry due to RSPS' and I'm a developer for the biggest private server to exist, SoulSplit! Some of you may know me as Mod Ray.


I've started to play OSRS again after a long pause and that's one of the reasons I wanted to introduce myself on here, to find some RS partners wink.png


Not much else to say but to show off some of my work and whatnot.









More graphics work at: http://art0fray.deviantart.com/


Some private server work:












I'll show off more work in other threads if you guys are interested!


Call me Ray :)

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