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OSBot 2.1.19 - More Equipment & Item Container API patches

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Hello community,


the last 2.1.18 release had some bugs with items being ordered in the equipment API. We've fixed the API to reorder the items correctly. Furthermore thanks to some bug-reports we've managed to fix some Item Container API patches which fixes null pointer exceptions with banking and other item container APIs.


Last night on 2.1.18 I was able to get a 4 hour proggy with no randoms failed. I logged off after 4 hours to not risk being flagged as a bot. In my opinion botting is fairly feasible now but it's a very powerful tool. If your running the same scripts over and over again for hours at a time, you're being very blunt about it. We recommend switching scripts/money making methods a couple times a day and using proxies when botting multiple accounts!



Here's the download link: http://osbot.org/get/index.php


P.S. We're currently working on fixing the server backend and designing a new CDN for our auto-updater. Because this will result in further patches needed for OSBot 1, the OSBot 1 client will not be updated until the new server backend is complete. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning everything will be back online fully!


Thanks for your cooperation!



Laz and the OSBot Team.

Edit from @Alek

Added Entity method isVisible()
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Awesome! biggrin.png


Also I don't think they were mentioned earlier, but I added some methods that may prove to be useful!!!

My additions include:

Identifiable (Subclass of Entity) now has:
a) getActions[] returns String[]
b) hasAction(String... action) returns boolean.
ActionFilter was added, so you can filter out based on actions.

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