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Project Century Wars

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What is Century Wars? Century Wars is a RTS/MMO/Build.


Examples of RTS/MMO/Builds

  • oGame
  • Roman Empire
  • Galaxy at War: Online
  • Rome: Empire Rising


Development Team

  • Toke(MGC) - Server side, engine, vbulletin integration
  • Jaiden(Maurice Moss) - Front-end, browser
  • Jadiction - Back-end, browser
  • ? - Graphics, front end, browser



We are working on the browser based version and the integrated vBulletin version before we decide to move to Android/iOS.



Features of what to expect

  • vBulletin Integrated MGC HQ
  • Cross Compatible, one account, unlimited devices/platforms
  • Age of Empire Style, random world, random era(Roman~Modern)
  • Randomly generated new worlds every week, random speed multiplier & map size multiplier
  • Random city placement
  • Random placement of a random NPC or resource camp
  • Resource Buildings
  • Camp
  • Barracks - Offensive Training
  • Research - Skills, offensive, defense
  • Lab - Item/Boost Creations
  • Defensive Wall - Defense Training
  • Alliances
  • PvP
  • Global chat(server to server)
  • Alliance Chat
  • Global Events
  • Quests
  • Alliance Events
  • Feel free to suggest


Every week when a new world is automaticly generated, you may arrive in a new era, completely different.



With all games like this, yes, you can spend money to speed things up a bit, and buy rare items. We will be doing the same thing, using the currency name of Diamonds. Although you can buy them, we will make it very easy to obtain unlimited amounts of these, for free.



If you feel like you can contribute in some form of way, having any of the following skills below, please, private message me and we can discuss what you can do. Any contributers will receive a moderator rank(Forums & In-Game), $100 in Diamonds(haven't decided the amounts) and X2 chests that contain rare items, the game is still 100% free, everything is obtainable



  • vBulletin API Knowledge
  • Advanced PHP - Browser
  • HTML/CSS - Browser & mobile versions
  • Advanced Java - Android client back-end
  • Facebook API
Update Log 1 
  • vBulletin database integration
  • vBulletin account integration
  • NPC table
  • Created first two bea NPCS, Goblins & Soldiers
  • Started to work on the mapping algorithm(50% for resource camp/NPC camp on X,Y)
  • NPC Dumping Tool for dumping the database to a local file, less queries.
  • Finished NPC camp mapping algorithms to decide on which NPCs to place in the camp
  • Generate world with random map size, era and speed(1-10)
  • New worlds generated once a month(1-3), two times a month (months 4-6), once every 2 weeks.
  • Worlds are retired after 21 days of inactivity, rewards are given


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I'm really excited to be working on this, I've always really wanted to do my own RTS game, since back in the command and conquer days, just another dream of mine being realized :P. anyways, this should be a really fun game once it's done, because it's a game, by gamers. RTS is absolutely my favorite type of game & i hope to bring my own unique perspective into the design. I'm really hoping this goes well. Should be a whole lotta fun to make, and even more fun to play :D

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