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  1. Tyler

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    New account added
  2. thx guys im still looking for accounts and prices
  3. to 80/80/80? is about halfway is it not still i will get the remaining xp and im not having him pay for the supplies i am going to pay for them can i get this closed please? i didnt do anything wrong and we can finish discussing this throigh skype
  4. need barrows ready accounts low/mid levels minimum quests to enter barrows at least 43 prayer 60 attack 60 magic 60 rng be an account you already have or how much to custom make an account like this by hand only post pictures or accounts or add my skype Tyler.pb thxxxxx
  5. i never said i would only do the service by hand nor does it say that anywhere on my threadi said a few times i would try again and use some of the money you paid me with a few times... the only reason i am not starting completely over is because i was more than halfway done with the service i dont have any proof but the account was at 65/65/70 i will get the remaining xp and a bit more and i will use the money you paid me with for supplies because i feel bad about this if that is ok
  6. Welcome back mate !

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    2. MalikDz


      good man ! what about you ? ;p

    3. Tyler


      Nothin much

      Add me on skype!


    4. Dog_
  7. Tyler

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    Yes unless otherwise stated If you want to order a custom account either you can make the account and send me the details or i can make it with no email
  8. im a nub but question is it possible for when you disable input to still be able to type? because like i want to be able to talk but not move the mouse and mess uo the scriot or is the wrong place to post this sorry
  9. Tyler

    starter main

    ill do this for cheap add me on skype Tyler.pb
  10. Tyler


    i can do this cheap add my skype Tyler.pb
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