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Road to 100k Monkfish


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I recently got a ban for botting so i've decided to play legit, and as my first goal i'd like to get 99 fishing and have enough food to supply me to train and do whatever i feel needs to be done

All of the fishing will be done legit as i do not want to receive a perm ban instead of just a 2 day, I will update as soon as i can. (most likely updated daily unless something comes up)

June 17th - goal started

June 23rd - decided to do weekly updates of monkfish, also decided to cook monkfish while fishing, will include raws, cooked, and burnts, to add up to 100k after goal has been reached

June 25th - will be cooking lobsters til 90 cook so the monks wont burn


Day 1 (achieved 70 fishing) 6a664d030eaa9d70f831f12212125e33.png

Day 2 (achieved 71 fishing) 214a908072ab89b975a924bf53308da3.png

Day 3 (achieved 72 fishing) abf28572ca6ed658fbf3fb849336655b.png



Current : abf28572ca6ed658fbf3fb849336655b.png

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