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Pictures in a thread


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I settled a goal thread and i added to each skill a picture to make it more cooler etc..

But i had too much pictures it say'd so i had to delete the whole shit because otherwise it would be fucked up..

Like 5-6 skills would have no pictures next to the name and other pictures would..

Please make picture's in a thread Unlimited or 50+

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Guest Falixus

support, and it would be also easier if they added the

That's already been implemented, sir. 

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Nah. Use less pictures. If you want to add a lot of pictures just add them to one image. 

did you even read?


I think it should be larger, not unlimited, but a bit larger.



Support for more pictures per post - having to click on dozens of link is not as safe & enjoyable!

thanks! well say'd 


How about those who are holding a [Road to ...] thread? :x


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