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  1. Awesome! # almost 5 months here sounds good
  2. Good kush and alcohol

  3. Thanks guys for all the Support and please guys lets keep it serious and don't spam my topic! Thanks
  4. Booba - 2 Pac !

  5. Everyone with the DOWNLOAD client has these folders. *C:\Users\Dwight\OSBot\scripts*
  6. did you even read? Support thanks! well say'd ^
  7. ok thanks Thats aready added o.O Bump Guys! get me some support!
  8. wildyrome


    Stark : 100% Awesome
  9. I settled a goal thread and i added to each skill a picture to make it more cooler etc.. But i had too much pictures it say'd so i had to delete the whole shit because otherwise it would be fucked up.. Like 5-6 skills would have no pictures next to the name and other pictures would.. Please make picture's in a thread Unlimited or 50+
  10. We need to learn him a lesson.
  11. I voted coke, but i like Coke cherry ;p
  12. Smoking dem herbs

  13. Seems legit, running smooth Great update
  14. please help yourself Call 911 i hope i helped.
  15. wauw just wauw. ( just smoked a big blunt and this is so wwauw ;o)
  16. thanks for your feedback really appreciated it. I don't blindly follow i just find this should be a discuss under (owner-admins-mods-victims) i would never do such a thing to make someone look bad, and yes maybe he did some things admin/owner should discuss to warn/demote mod.
  17. I have respect for mods i support them in every decisions. Don't hate in place of hating go pm the person with problems(and alot of people don't even search before posting) and help them out i really don't like such a people as you sorry.
  18. Thanks for the update laz! Peace and love!
  19. My fallowing waffle man has stated the same words i wanted to state. 10/10 Awesome ******** bear.
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