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How to change your IP Manually.

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First off, this Guide requires you to have a DYNAMIC IP. 


Disclaimer: This guide will not work for everyone, it's still depending on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) if you have a contract or not on your IP. These could run for a couple days, weeks, months, or even a year +. 


Lets Begin,

  1. Findout your IP Address e.g. go to a website like... http://www.whatismyip.com/ , http://whatismyipaddress.com/ , http://www.ip-adress.com/
  2. Copy your IP Address.
  3. Open Network & Sharing Center.
  4. Open the properties of the network you what your IP to change. In my case it is a Cisco modem
  5. On the Networking tab double-click TCP/IPv4 which will open a window to edit IP and DNS IP address.
  6. On this window Click on "Use the following IP address" and paste that IP you copied at Step 2.
  7. Change the last digit of the IP to any value above it e.g. if its edit the last digit to something like 122 so that the IP becomes
  8. Click OK until all the windows close.
  9.  Disconnect from that network.
  10.  Reconnect to that network and if it goes as planned the ISP should force a Dynamic IP. Check http://www.whatismyip.com/ if it has changed. If you cannot browse go to Step 6 and select "Obtain an IP address automatically" then Disconnect -> Reconnect the network.
  11. Viola enjoy your new IP Address tongue.png

I hope this helps some of you that are flagged so you can play on your regular network again. Happy Botting xoxo


If this helps you in anyway, please leave me some feedback QwPha8E.png

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Great guide! I've done this before, it works

Thanks mate :)


Thanks for the guide!

You're very welcome :)


I've never actually changed my IP as I've never had a reason to.

Is it seriously that simple? I thought I'd have to be a big hacker/coder guy to do this.

Well it depends if your IP is dynamic or static. Also your ISP like I mentioned.


I will defo try this later biggrin.png

Tell me how it goes :)

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when i enter in a different last digit to my IP address it doesnt work. it says the network address entered is invalid. what does this mean. will this not work for me? I just received a one day ban on my main count that ive had since 2005 and botted on Rs back in the day to most 99s and now just started 07rs a few weeks ago and had been botting. is this account gone for botting for good? Or can i still use it after i change the IP adress. Sorry for all the questions. Any help is apreciated

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I use 3G internet, and every time i turn off my pc, next morning i have another ip. Just checked, few days ago saved my ip address, today its different...and this still doesn't save me from flagged ip ban. So idk, it's not only jsut changing ip numbers. 

Not to mention, few years ago, i had accoun that was stolen with all info. After alot of recovers acc got locked. Now, few days ago i tryed to unlock, and i sitll got error that my ip address is banned from trying recover this account...so if jagex flagged you, changing ip will not help. you need to change also all those mac addresses and so on...atleast what my expierence says..

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