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Aron R

Peoples avatars and sigs..

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Atleast mine is classy


She isn't half naked though, so you know.. 


OP is concerned. 


I am, there is a reason too this post though and if I get some decent replies then I will post my reason. :)


Mine is half naked girl sad.png


It's not a real life human being though, so it isn't an issue. :P

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I know I fucking hate it, like botterslyfe's sig.


You can stop viewing sigs in profile > settings > ignore preferences, thank god, I hated seeing botterslyfe's sig


Thanks, I'll be using this. The thing is and the point of this thread is that the people that do it probably get a little kick out of it when really, the girls that are on these "pictures" probably hate themselves. I feel sorry for them in my opinion. 


mine ain't that naked sad.png Respect the minions clothes style please!


Minions <3 

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