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Jagex New system working!


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I was in the process of buying 95m,

the guy traded me the 95m


i hop to paypal screen.. send $213.75 usd

hop back to rs my account is logged out.. so im there thinking it was a time out..

i try to log back in and..



cya 150m




in other news..

divica has also lost around 700m eoc and 300m 07 lol


jagex can smd


Bawz i feel yh..What are your thoughts Think there new system finally ganna take off?Cuz this seems like the quickest banned I've seen yet.

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Or they just saw that some kid was trading 95M to an account they already flagged as a possible gold mule?

Maybe,but what are the chances of jagex actually viewing this one person out of the other 19k+ people playing.


Nvm i just realized the other person didn't get banned for receiving the gold.

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nah.. been goldfarming on 2 accounts, about 16hours+ a day and no ban yet after almost 20 days. So, don't think they updated the system.


On a side not, got perm banned on my 7 years main for doing 2 hours of ogres today.


I can say they're just as fucking stupid as they were before, rather leave lvl 3's fishing 24/7 at catherby then leaving a 7 years old account fully quested alone. tho, it's my own fault i botted it but, they're stupid as fuck.



btw, is there any unbanning service available? lmao, im just kinda desperate cause it's a maxed acc on runescape 3..:/

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