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1-99 hunter


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I'm serious it will ******** all the way to 99 hunter so it'll start at birds then move to other birds and move to chinchompas.


Lock this thread and this project will be discontinued which means no 1-99 hunter script for osbot.


What the hell does this script do:


1) 1 - 19 will do beginner birds 

2) Move to tropical wagtails

3) 19-63 do tropicals

4) Move to chins

5) 63-99 do chins


Paint preview:



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did this get you demoted from pb?

yes LOL

Loving the attitude.


"I'm going to post what ever I want and then taunt you with something your website really needs, if you do anything about it, you get nothing."


Best of luck man, I have seen your code and you are far beyond my skills of 2 months and change.

Thanks brother

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