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Hi everyone,


This release is mostly some bugfixes that were introduced in v1.6.4:


  • Reverted a new immature system that we will put back once we test it more, this system was to get proper interactions with stacked characters as sometimes stacked npc's would lead to no available model data causing our interactions to break. The system to tackle the problem however has some issues.
  • The above issue broke interactions in general, thus breaking many randoms too. They should be back to normal.
  • Fixed an issue in the random management system.
  • Added a combat instance in method provider, containing little to nothing, besides a method to get your special attack energy and a method to check whether your special attack bar is activated.
  • I have added another debug option to the advanced settings tab, this will allow you to debug configs without using a script.

Download can be found here: http://osbot.org





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