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OSRS Magic Guide: 150k+ Magic xp/hr (Afkable/Profitable)


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(Still works for chinning)



Want that Veng/Ice Barrage, a sexy skillcape, a high combat level, or even just some easy hitpoints (or defence) xp? Well look no further, this guide will show you how to get 150k+ Magic xp/hr and 100k+ Hitpoints xp/hr while making a profit and afking at the same time!


For this you will be barraging or bursting (depending on magic level) at the minigame called Nightmare Zone (NMZ) located in Yanille.


Skill Requirements:


52 Mage (86 recommended)

43 prayer (The higher the better)

Defence (although it is possible with 1 defence, it will be hard to find a team/alternative booster)


Quest Requirements:


Desert Treasure

Vampire Slayer

Holy Grail (Gives 15,300 Defence Experience, 11k Prayer Experience)

Lost City

Tree Gnome Village

What Lies Below (Gives 2k Defence Experience)




You generally want the best Magic gear you can wear for your bank/stats. Athough you want some prayer gear as you will have to be praying Protect from Melee the whole time, and want to be able to last 2 hours. Most people take Unholy Book, Fury, and a God Mitre or Helm of Neitznotz, with their best mage gear, athough if you are short on money or want to take the longest trips possible, Monk Robes or God Vestment robes are an alternative.


This is a setup on a zerker pure:



The great thing about this method is the runes are free, you can pick up the runes ingame. Although with most runes you can only take 300 at a time so you will have to do the painful process of picking up 300 then dropping them, picking up another 300 then dropping them until you have 2k smoke barrage casts. (This is why I and many others choose to bring our own fire runes with us, because it takes a long time to pickup 8k and they are dirt cheap. "But if I can do Ice Barrage shouldn't I use that for bigger hits and therefore more xp?" No you should definitely not use Ice barrage, in fact this will yield you less experience per hour. Ice Barrage freezes the monsters and although this doesn't matter for training at ape atoll where the skeleton monkeys spawn where they died, it does at NMZ, since the monsters spawn from all corners of the room and if you freeze them they will not be able to form a nice stack.


"So if I shouldn't use Ice Barrage then I can just use Blood or Shadow Barrage? They are both better then Smoke Barrage?" Well yes you can always use these spells for slightly greater xp/hr but a big downside to this is that those spells require soul runes, and unfortunately soul runes do not spawn inside NMZ so you will have to bring these pricey runes in yourself.


So you might not have level 86 Magic yet for Smoke Barrage huh? Don't worry you can still do this method at a lower magic level. Even if you don't have the level required to cast smoke barrage. In the NMZ you can buy Overload/Super Magic Potions to boost your stats, Overloads and Super magics boost you stats by about 15, give or take a few depending on your current level. Although Super Magic Potions are much cheaper points, most people prefer to use Overloads as they constantly keep your stats boosted at the highest level for 5 minutes, while Super Magics lose 1 stat boost every minute.


And if you're are total noob and can't boost to 87 (I'd recommend using Smoke Barrage when you can boost to 87 not 86 as even with overloads, since your boosted stats may go down 1, then will go back up every minute for 5 minutes. So if you can only boost to 86 Magic then every minute or so you will need to re select autocast) you can always use Blood Burst, or if you still cant do that, Smoke Burst. (Don't worry about people not wanting to team with you have low magician, they will be getting more xp since you will be hitting lower than a player with high magician.


Now you may be thinking this is great, but where do I find these teams and how do I join? Well the cc is "Nmz Magic" and the homeworld is w369. So all you have to do is join that world and go to NMZ, and either make a team yourself or say you need a team, if people start saying "+1" it means they need 1 more person for a team, just ask to join and they should give you an invite. The max a team can have is 5 players, and 1 spot has to be for a booster, A trio of 3 magers is the best experience but a 4 man team isn't too bad either, which is only about 10-20k xp/hr less. Also magic boosters are different to your standard w301 melee boosting bots, they have 2 different quest monsters that replace the Bouncer and Demon/Kendal since those bosses aren't 1x1 (fit into 1 square, and therefore are not able to stack properly) These bosses if you already couldn't guess from the quest requirements are the Black Knight Titan and Evil King Roald.


If you are a 1 def pure, initiate pure, or a zerker that didn't do The Holy Grail to get 45 def (or cannot get the added 2k defence experience from what lies below), you are not totally excluded. They're are pure boosters that have The Haunted Mine boss and the Witche's House boss. (Although these are hard to find and worst experience since the Experiments (from Witch's House) last 2 forms are not 1x1, and the first form drains your stats a little. The Haunted Mine boss however, is 1x1 but teleports around the room after you get 1 or 2 hits on it, (which is obviously not ideal.) You chose to limit yourself with 1 defence so don't bitch smile.png




To get the monsters stacked on top of each other one person from the team has to lure. While one person is luring the rest should always be dd'ing (death dot, basically standing on top of each other.) There is a specific square that 99% of people dd at, and the lurer simply has to simply be placed 1 square north and run back and forth.


In this picture the cowhides show were the lurer should be running, he/she simply runs from 1 side to the other side, then doing a cast or two before running back to the other side, and repeating over and over again. When I lure I get about 10-20k xp/hr less magic experience, but overall when everybody takes turns it boosts the xp/hr significantly than if nobody was luring. If you are lazy, are busy irl and just want to afk the whole time, or truly believe in "no xp waste" then you can pay someone on your team to lure for you. This normally costs about 200-250k gp for a trip


With the reward points you get you should buy either pure essence, or flax, these items are easy to sell in bulk and are the best items to spend your points on. If you do a full 2 hour trip you should get max points (1,048,575), which makes about 300k profit if you exchange those points into p ess/flax and sell them.


You now may be wondering if you can use this method to chin as well, the answer is yes but the Black Knight Titan has very high ranged defence and you will be hitting constant 0s if you hit it directly, although you can hit it indirectly by letting the chin splash on it, people are experimenting with range boosters but there is no alternative boss to BKT yet.


Thanks for checking out the guide and if it helped you can leave a like


If you need any questions comment on the thread or join "Nmz Magic" cc


P.S. Jagex is looking into nerfing it so get inb4.


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Thanks for this!

I was on 369 and saw the mages and totally wanted to get it in on it...

Definitely going to look into this... damn jagex nerfing shit.


Knowing Jagex it will most likely take them along time to nerf :D


Nice mate. Love the guide


Glad you liked it.

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Good guide smile.png

Nice guide tbh smile.png

Looks good.


Thank you guys


is this still working?

Btw how do you earn money? i didn't read anything about that? Or do you mean luring?


You earn money by buying pure essence or flax with the points you receive, I will add that now. Although you can make even more money by luring for others.


This is the best way to train magic, thanks for sharing.


Well in terms of xp/hr it is the third best way; Ice barraging skeleton mummies in the Ape Atoll Dungeon comes first, followed by stun alching. Although this is still great xp and I would recommend this over the other two.

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