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Hey everyone. As you've probably heard by now, I've been working on a slayer script for OSBot. I'm nearly finished, and am now just looking at adding in a few monsters I couldn't do due to quest requirements, and adding new quality-of-life features like guthans support, dragon battleaxe special usage, bones-to-peaches, etc.


I'll be fleshing this out soon with the levels/gear I'm requiring for each slayer master. I've tried to balance it so that most low levels can do Turael/Vannaka, and doing Nieve/Duradel really benefits from a more progressed account.


Some features of the script so far:

  • Turael, Vannaka, Chaeldar, Nieve, and Duradel support
  • Smart equipment: the player sets their melee-defence and magic-defence gear in the GUI with the click of a button, and then the script will select the correct equipment for a specific monster (including special gear like spiny helmet, mirror shield, anti-dragon shield)
  • Intelligent path-walking: the script uses a mixture of teleports (tablets and ectophial), jewelry (ring of dueling and games necklace), fairy rings, NPC interaction, object interaction, and minimap walking to quickly get to your task. Agility shortcuts supported!
  • Task skipping: I have purposefully left out a few tasks that are simply not worth your time in terms of XP, such as Mithril dragons, and others that endanger the player, like Green dragons (found only in the wilderness). The script will get a new task from Turael instead of doing these. The player can also choose to block a few tasks that some may deem not worth your time (like Iron/Steel dragons)
  • Smart looting: the player selects a minimum price that they want to loot, for instance 20k, and then the script will only loot items worth this amount or more (based on Zybez database and alch prices). Rare untradables like clue scrolls and monster heads will also be looted
  • Dynamic signatures, thanks to @Ericthecmh's awesome site!
  • Soon to have awesome paint/signature/logo art
  • Open to suggestions!


I want to add the following monsters, but don't have access to an account that can reach them. If you can, and are willing to lend me your account for a few minutes (no bank access needed), please send me a PM!

  • Jungle horror
  • Mogre
  • Molanisk
  • Loar Shade
  • Sea Snake Hatchling
  • Terror dog
  • Elves
  • Brine rat
  • Scabarite
  • Suqah
  • Cave horror
  • Dark Beast
  • Fever Spider
  • Waterfiend


I plan to submit this script soon, as I have decided that I am satisfied with @Zach's tool that does show individual invoices and our portion of the profit. I would also like to thank @BiscuitMan for his immense help with testing this script. Great guy smile.png


Thank you, and may you soon all be slayer masters! happy.png

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Will this script feature webwalking?

If you look at the features section of the post, you can see that I am using a smart path walker instead. It is still as capable as a web-walker, it just means that I have to add each path manually (which takes me ~1-2 minutes per monster). This also means that it can do more things than just walk the minimap and click on ladders/entrances, such as fairy rings, paying NPCs, and using items on objects like ropes. :)

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