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We strive to make your experience with the Wolf Pack as enjoyable as possible.  If you have any questions, feedback, or complaints about the actions of our workers or a problem is taking place feel free to contact Pumpkin and he will happily try to resolve the issue.



- Manager







The Wolf Pack is known all around Runescape for our superb service and extreme speed.  We have some of the best questers on OSbot.  

Most of our questers offer a Join.me watching service so you can see the quest being completed on your account!



Animal Magnestism -400k

Another Slive Of H.A.M. -400k
Between a Rock... -450k
Big Chompy Bird Hunting -300k
Biohazard -1.5m
Black Knights' Fortress -200k
Cabin Fever -400k
Clock Tower -300k
Cold War -500k
Contact -2.3m
Cook's Assistant -140k
Creture of Fenkenstrain -400k
Darkness of Hallowvale -750k
Death Plateau -240k
Death to the Dorgeshuun -500k
Demon Slayer -200k
Desert Tresure -5m
Devious Minds -400k
The Digsite - 800k
Doric's Quest -125k
Dragon Slayer -850k
Dream Mentor -380k
Druidic Ritual -200k
Dwarf Cannon -210k
Eadgar's Ruse -450k
Eagles' Peak -200k
Elemental Workshop 1 -240k
Elemental Workshop 2 -350k
enakhra's Lament -400k
Enlightened Journey -500k
Ernest The Chicken -125k
Eyes of Glouphrie, The -500k
Fairytale 1 - Growing pains -900k
Fairytale 2 - Cure a Queen -1.3m
Family Crest -900k
Feud, The -500k
Fight Arena -700k
Fishing Contest -170k
Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf -450k
Fremennik Isles, The -1.3m
Garden of Tanquility -1.2m
Gertrude's Cat -180k
Ghosts Ahoy -1.4m
Giant Dwarf, The -500k
Goblin Diplomacy -250k
Golem, The -500k
Grand Tree, The -500k
Great Brain Robbery, The -740k
Grim Tales -1.3m
Hand in the Sand, The -500k
Haunted Mine -500k
Hazeel Cult -265k
Heroes' Quest -800k
Holy Grail -1.1m
Horror From The Deep - 900k
Icthiarin's Little Helper -450k
Imp Catcher -265k
In Aid of the Myreque -500k
In Search of the Myreque -400k
Jungle Potion -200k
King's Ransom -500k
Knight's Sword, The -450k
Legends' Quest -3.8m
Lost City, The -450k
Lost Tribe, The -500k
Lunar Diplomacy -1.2m
Making History -500k
Merlin's Crystal -900k
Monk's Friend -200k
Monkey Madness -4m
Mountain Daughter -500k
Mourning's Ends Part 1 -3m
Mourning's Ends Part 2(The Temple Of Light) -3m
Murder Mystery -200k
My Arm's Big Adventure -500k
Nature Spirit -300k
Obserbatory Quest -200k
Olaf's Quest -380k
One Small Favour -1.1m
Pirate's Treasure -180k
Plague City -390k
Priest in Peril -220k
Prince Ali Rescue -400k
Rag and Bone Man -200k
Rat Catchers -500k
Recipe for Disaster -5m
Recruitment Drive -200k
Regicide -4.5m
Restless Ghost, The -180k
Romeo And Juliet -190k
Roving Elves -1.9m
Royal Trouble -450k
Rum Deal -550k
Rune Mysteries Quest -180k
Scorpion Catcher -900k
Sea Slug -450k
Shades Of Mort'ton -450k
Shadow of the Storm -500k
Sheep Herder -200k
Sheep Shearer -200k
Shield of Arrav -380k
Shilo Village -850k
Slug Menace -550k
Soul's Bane, A -200k
Spirits of the Elid -500k
Swan Song -2.1m
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio -890k
Tail of Two Cats, A -760k
Tears of Guthix - 610k
Temple of Ikov -650k
Throne of Miscellania -576k
Tourist Trap, The -940k
Tower of Life -210k
Tree Gnome Village -800k
Tribal Romance -570k
Troll Stronghold -510k
Underground Pass -640k
Vampire Slayer -240k
Wanted -600k
Watchtower -760k
Waterfall Quest -700k
What Lies Below -640k
Witch's House -630k
Witch's Potion -230k
Zogre Flesh Eaters -670k




The Wolf Pack has become famous for our extremely low ban rates and our excellent speed.  We never bot more than two accounts from the same IP for the safety of your account and to lower detection rates.





The Wolf Packs Firecaper gives you the option to watch your firecape being completed via Join.me so you can see exactly what is happening on your account



Order form:


What service are you after:


If a quest which one:


Skill that needs leveling, and what level do you need:


Who would you like to complete service:





Edited by Pumpkin
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